Kayleigh McEnany Owns The Press

Kayleigh McEnany Owns The Press

Kayleigh McEnany Owns The Press

At one point, a member of the leftist media asked her if she would walk back a comment she made about the China virus, prior to her becoming press secretary.

McEnany, without missing a beat, responded by asking if various fake news media outlets would apologize for their proven-to-be-wrong commentaries and predictions about the virus.

The list of outlets McEnany rattled off included ‘The New York Times,’ ‘The Washington Post,’ ‘NPR,’ and ‘Vox.’  The outlets’ comments included claims that ‘the virus would not be deadly,’ ‘the standard flu is way worse than the virus,’ and ‘the government should not notably react to the virus.’

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Kayleigh McEnany Owns The Press

If any conservative made such comments, countless leftist media outlets would be insisting that he/she publicly eat crow.  But when fake news media outlets make those comments themselves, they almost always refuse to apologize.  They don’t believe that their own standard applies to them.

Good for Kayleigh McEnany for not allowing the White House press corps to get away with such a double standard.  The fake news media should own up to its own reporting errors before calling out anyone else for their comments.

And there’s certainly been no shortage of errors (many of which were purposeful errors) by the leftist media in recent years.



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