Kayleigh McEnany Vs Asian Race Baiting Reporter On Trumps Kung Flu Comments

Kayleigh McEnany Vs Asian Race Baiting Reporter On Trumps Kung Flu Comments

Kayleigh McEnany Vs Asian Race Baiting Reporter On Trumps Kung Flu Comments

President Trump had his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma—and the media has their usual fit of stupidity over everything. First, during the rally, there were the COVID panic porn peddlers who honestly think we missed their two-week endorsement of gathering en masse for the George Floyd protests, many of which devolved into rioting. protests in support of liberal causes or ones grounded in so-called moral urgency are okay but wanting to re-open your business to feed your family is grounded in white supremacy and selfishness. Yeah, sure, Jan. In a mere two weeks, the so-called experts destroyed their credibility, maybe irreparably. We’re not going to crawl back inside now. Done. The lockdowns are over.

Abigail Marone@abigailmarone

Kayleigh McEnany Vs Asian Race Baiting Reporter On Trumps Kung Flu Comments

CNN currently has a split screen between #TulsaTrumpRally and a doctor criticizing the gathering. Weird, I don’t recall them doing that with Defund the Police protests….

If Democrats didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all.

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Yet, what caused the liberal media to have a nuclear reactor-style meltdown was over President Trump’s use of the phrase “kung flu” to describe the current coronavirus pandemic. The virus originated in Wuhan, China. The Chinese knew that it would become a pandemic and did nothing for six days. They didn’t call off the Chinese New Year festivities that exposed millions to the pathogen—and we’re in this mess because they’re an incompetent group of communists. I know, communist governments being a disaster—shocker. Regardless, this didn’t sit well with the usual suspects in the press room (via Politico):

Cortney O’Brien


Kayleigh: Trump’s use of the term “Kung Flu” is not meant to be offensive toward Asian Americans. It’s meant to be “an indictment of China.”

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Carpe Donktum@CarpeDonktum

LOL, “the racist term Kung Flu”

These people are hilarious.

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Weijia Jiang


.@kaitlancollins, @agearan, + @Yamiche also tried to get clarity from @PressSec on this, but she offered none.

She repeated “Kung flu” was simply linking the virus to its origin, and accused “the media” of using comparable phrases.

No term “the media” has used is comparable. https://twitter.com/cbsnews/status/1275122436380508164

CBS News


.@weijia asks McEnany why President Trump “uses racist phrases, like ‘kung flu'” when discussing coronavirus.

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McEnany doesn’t answer whether the White House believes the phrase is racist, and says “the media is trying to play games with the terminology” http://www.cbsnews.com/live

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Kaitlan Collins


No legitimate media organization has called the coronavirus the “kung flu,” despite what the White House claims when trying to defend the president’s use of that phrase Saturday night. Calling it that is not the same as referring to it as the “Chinese coronavirus.”

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Pardes Seleh


Why do all these White House reporters have sticks up their asses

Nobody except Washington DC actually gives a shit that Trump said “kung flu”

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Kayleigh McEnany Vs Asian Race Baiting Reporter On Trumps Kung Flu Comments

President Donald Trump’s top spokesperson on Monday defended his use of the term “kung flu” to describe the novel coronavirus has sickened millions across the globe, asserting that the president was merely trying to emphasize the virus’ place of origin in China.

The phrase has been identified by many — including counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway — as racist. But McEnany insisted on Monday that the president’s remark was far from out of line even as she avoided directly answering questions as to whether the term is indeed racist.

“It’s a fair thing to point out as China tries to ridiculously rewrite history, to ridiculously blame the coronavirus on American soldiers,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters during a news briefing, rejecting reporters’ characterization of the remark as racist. “President Trump is trying to say, ‘no, China, I will label this virus for its place of origin.’”

Trump used the term Saturday night during his first campaign rally since being sidelined by the pandemic in March, musing about how many different descriptors the virus has.


Reporters continued to pepper McEnany about Trump’s comments, and McEnany in turn pointed to instances in January and February when the press used terms like “Chinese virus” and “Wuhan virus” to describe the pathogen. She continued to return to that point as she deflected reporters’ contention that nobody in the press had used the term “kung flu.”

“I would be more than happy to go through CNN’s history,” McEnany told CNN’s Kaitlin Collins as she rifled through her notes. “On February 9th you guys talked about the Wuhan coronavirus. On January 23 you guys talked about the Wuhan coronavirus. On January 22, the Wuhan virus. I can write it all out for you.”

Who cares? Seriously, who really cares? No one. No one except those that Trump brain damaged in this swampy town. Conservatives don’t care because the liberal media is trash, especially CNN, and the Left is neck-deep in a campaign of defunding the police and tearing down statues right now. If the liberal media is trying to make “kung flu” into a ‘grab her by the p**sy’ moment, they’ll fail—again. First, the Access Hollywood tape that some on the Left thought would kill Trump when it dropped in the fall of 2016 didn’t have much of an impact. It was laughed at by normal people, even women. And yes, everyone who isn’t sheltered knows that locker room talk exists.

Kayleigh McEnany Vs Asian Race Baiting Reporter On Trumps Kung Flu Comments

“So today, I kept thinking about the debate and the audio was released … And I got underneath a load of steel and was moving it…I was laughing and laughing and one of the ironworkers asked ‘what are u laughing at.’ I said ‘I grabbed that load right by the pu**y’ and laughed some more,” she said.

Yeah, the tape was a punchline. The media thinks we actually care that the president called the virus “kung flu.” I’m sure the 45 million or so who were laid off in the COVID panic that now looks immensely overblown really care, right? Please. This is red meat for the idiots, the liberals, and the Trump-deranged. Stop trying to make it a thing, kids. It will never happen.

Kayleigh McEnany Vs Asian Race Baiting Reporter On Trumps Kung Flu Comments

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